New Zealand elopement tour

A Multi-Day South Island Adventure


Fly to New Zealand and say your vows in the thick of mountains, craggy beaches, rainforests, turquoise lakes, or rambling pathways.  Take a helicopter to a rugged track overlooking the glaciers.  Hop in the car, drive to some of the best landscapes the South Island has to offer, and bring home images of you wrapped into nature.  It's an unforgettable adventure you'll never forget, and wedding memories no one else will have.

As an award-winning landscape and wedding photographer, a South Island adorer, and an avid traveler, I'll be your guide and documentarian.  Together, we'll design the perfect elopement adventure itinerary, and pick the hikes and locations that speak most to you.  Buy a dress (or dresses), and a suit (or suits), pack your bags, and we'll embark to paradise. 

Be assured of lots of privacy when we aren't out adventuring, and a drama-free travel companion for the times we're together.

Starting at $5,000, photo adventure planning included.  Airfare, lodging and transit at cost.