Wahclella Falls Elopement

The Grand Tour - An Elopement Adventure

I designed The Grand Tour for couples who couldn't imagine their wedding without being surrounded by the grandeur of the outdoors.  For some of us, a thundering waterfall, a rocky beach, a deep mossy forest, or a glacial lake is simply the only venue that will do.

On a typical wedding day, it’s challenging to create a balance between spending meaningful time with your friends and family, and running off to create beautiful portraits.  With a Grand Tour, we start the day with your intimate ceremony backed by the landscape of your choosing.  After that, we explore at least one other location (often several), creating portraits as we go. The timeline can be arranged to fit the needs of your day, as well (photos first, ceremony last).

I will be happy to welcome you to the Pacific Northwest and help you plan the perfect adventure here, or join you wherever your own landscape beckons.


Five Hours:
$2,650 Monday - Thursday
$3,000 Friday - Sunday

All Day:

Two Days:

Your collection will include: high-resolution artistically-mastered photographs, travel within five hours of Portland (after which there’s a reasonable travel fee), and timeline/location planning as needed.