Come, All You Adventurers

You romantics, atmosphere junkies, wanderlusters, fairytale-lovers, dreamers, and stargazers.
All you who walk in wonder through the forests, and run through the fields, and waves, and rivers...

Come.  For we have stories to tell.

Guided Elopements

With over a decade of experience as both an award-winning landscape and wedding photographer, I will help you find the perfect backdrop for your vows and portraits, or join you in the special place you've already chosen.

Tiny Weddings

Beach houses, wineries, bed and breakfasts, forests, backyards... I will join you and your favorite humans to document your wedding. If you need help finding the perfect spot, count on a fun list of “homework” as you explore the Pacific Northwest through the eyes of a local.

The Grand Tour

My signature adventure. Start with your ceremony in a beautiful location, then continue on for portraits in glorious Pacific Northwest landscapes. Whether you're a local or coming from faraway, the stunning scenery will enchant you.


Meet Ara

I started my career as a photographer with a love affair with waterfalls, and have photographed nature and weddings for over a decade. I love the dynamic unpredictability of the outdoors, where no two days are exactly alike, just like two love stories are never the same. As a Pacific Northwest (specifically Portland) native, I delight in sharing my wonderland with those who travel from afar, and those who love it as much as I do. I also join my clients throughout the United States and internationally, and have photographed weddings and landscapes in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland (don’t you love the Isle of Skye?), The Faroe Islands, Spain, Denmark, and England.

I’m excited to meet you!