Meet Ara

Hello, I'm Ara!  I'm so glad you're here!

Clad sometimes in muddy boots, sometimes in a pair of heels, my career as a wedding photographer often requires both sets of footwear as I follow my clients on their romantic adventures all over the world.  Catamarans, towering ballrooms, glacial lakes, rooftops, mountains, bed and breakfasts, mossy forests, craggy coastlines—my spirit is undaunted, and I am forever inspired by people, nature, wind and light.

As a ten-year wedding photography veteran and an award-winner in both wedding and landscape photography, I use a combination of photojournalism, artistic portraiture, and landscape techniques to tell stories heavy on emotion and atmosphere.  My photographs are vibrant and personal.  My goal is to create a time machine so you can revisit some the best adventures of your life time and time again.

Wallflower while your event is unfolding, loud enough when people need wrangling, knowledgeable when a gown needs bustling or a boutonniere needs pinning, helpful when toes need pointing and knees need bending and smiles need refreshing, and dedicated to those memories that deserve remembering, I'm fiercely invested in making sure you have an incredible experience from start to finish.  I choose my clients as carefully as they choose me.

I am a native Pacific Northwesterner, and live in Portland with my husband, Nathan, who makes me really happy every day. I love hiking, rock climbing, reading, dinner parties, drinking citrusy IPAs, puttering around the garden, playing at the arcade, planning our next big trip, and our dog, Ukee.  I'm a shameless waterfallaholic.  I might like Star Wars a little too much.

I can't wait to meet you! Let’s plan an adventure!



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"Ara is so talented and amazing to work with. She sees the colors and light in a different way that produces the most brilliant images. Our engagement photos needed to be rescheduled three times due to our travel plans. In a wind and hail storm the skies parted and the light danced just right. She was comfortable with our dog being part of our photo session and getting the images requested by our parents. After our wedding Ara traveled four states away, hiked 9 miles on sand covered trails to bring my vision to life. Ara helped me into my dress, fixed my hair and gave me posing tips. She knelt in freezing water to capture the light, the water, the perfect image. We woke early and caught the sunlight on the Red Rocks of Zion National Park the next morning. Once again she helped me into my dress, pinned my hair and helped me dance across the sandstone hills as the sun kissed the rocks and the wind tossed my handmade veil across my face. I am grateful for her talent and insight but above all I am grateful for her friendship and will gladly have her capture the events of my life."

- Holly

"Ara is an epic photographer. We had an outdoor wedding in tricky lighting situations near a waterfall and the photos are just stunning. Plus, she is easy going and fun to work with. If you have the opportunity to work with her, do it! Anyone can point and shoot a camera but Ara's photos are magical."

- Colleen H.

"Ara is indescribable. She is the absolute best person to have on your side at your wedding. The fact that folks will go to her for engagement, wedding, first baby, etc. is a true testament to her skill as a photographer and her genuine nature as a person. My wife and I were (are) absolutely thrilled by the work that she did for us and are excited by the prospect of having more photos taken in the future.

Ara will go to the top of a mountain (literally) for you and will travel where you need her to go to get those photographs you have always dreamed of. I would highly recommend her for your special days."

- Kirsten

"Even before I became engaged, I knew that my (now) husband wanted a big wedding; and while I also wanted to have our dear friends and family share in our special day, it was also important tome that my husband and I have time to celebrate our love and commitment to one another apart from the joyous chaos of our wedding day.  

Enter Ara. 

I loved the intimacy and relaxed atmosphere of her elopements and tiny weddings, and wanted to do something similar to that in addition to our larger wedding that she would also be capturing for us.  It was one of the best decisions that I made! (And not only because it provided an opportunity to have a second dress). Ara has a wonderful collection of secluded spots with jaw-dropping vistas and was able to find something that was just what we were looking for.  I feel doubly blessed to have had two special days graced by Ara's beautiful talent and support."

- Meredith C.

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