Where are you available?
I am local to Portland, Oregon, and regularly travel both domestically and internationally.  I'm also a rock climber, so if you're getting married on a crag, count me in.

What is your style?
I blend photojournalism with artistic portraiture.  I will quietly document your journey and important moments, and guide you as we create portraits in the wilds of nature.  Expect an enthusiastic, calm, experienced companion for your adventure.

How do we choose a location?
Get ready for the best homework you’ve ever had. As a long-time wedding and landscape photographer, and a native of the Pacific Northwest, I have a long list of ideas to share with you!

What is your reservation process?
To hold your date and provide planning assistance, I require a 50% retainer with your contract.  Your balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding date.

What about weather?
The Pacific Northwest occasionally offers weather challenges in the form of rain, snow, and wind, which is part of why this area is so beautiful and dynamic.  I'm equipped with GoreTex, dry bags, and weather-resistant gear.  If the weather is being especially ornery on the day of your wedding, we can discuss options including changing locations, time of day, etc.  Very seldom will I recommend rescheduling, and if I do, you'll know it's because I feel the conditions are too severe to be safe, or for my gear to perform as needed.

How dirty will we get?
That's entirely up to you!  Most sessions result in some slight dampness, mud, sand, or greenery (we will be outside, after all), but I will almost never recommend a location or pose that will fully soak, dirty, or destroy your clothing unless you encourage it.  If you want to fully trash your outfit, please let me know. 

Officiant? Witnesses? How do I make my elopement or tiny wedding legal?
You can pick up your marriage license from the county, and anyone who has been ordained may perform your ceremony. I highly recommend using a celebrant or officiant who has experience, such as the list of marvelous individuals on my resources page, or someone you love and trust. You will need two witnesses. If you’re trying to keep things very small and intimate, I’m happy to be a witness, and often the officiant can bring an extra person. I also recommend a solo musician if you are so inclined, to add to the romantic atmosphere (and be an extra witness if needed!).

How do you feel about same-sex weddings?
I enthusiastically support marriage equality.

I'm eloping this week.  Are you free?
I highly recommend you call me if you're only a few days out, and we can discuss schedules quickly.